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Why I Run

Updated: May 8, 2023

This subject was never given much thought through the years until I attended a recent writer’s workshop. We had an assignment to write about our passion and for me, the choice was simple. It could only be running since I’ve been doing it 40+ years. Whether the weather was bitterly cold, brutally hot, or a driving rainstorm, running has mostly been my friend. Even while struggling through nagging injuries with ankles, hamstrings, tendons, and knees, I always found my way back to running.

For many people running is too much work and too boring. For me, it’s my quiet place and allows me to find myself after a chaotic day. I love being able to get lost in my thoughts and the therapy that comes from solving my problems. On the physical side, the simple act of putting one foot in front of the other also allows the opportunity to channel my physical energy. It offers an outlet for challenging myself in 5Ks, 10Ks, or half marathon races. I’m a competitive person and found the same traits that drive me to race also transitioned to other parts of my life and made me more complete.

I’ve also found trail running to be a soothing refuge where I can commune with nature and enjoy its beauty. City streets can become a grind where asphalt and concrete create havoc on an aging body. The trail has become a welcome source of relief to those achy joints and another alternative to the dangers of traffic. Running has also provided an unexpected avenue for my wife and I to take our passion for travel and experience the grandeur of our country by combining it with my goal of completing a half marathon in each of our 50 states. Forest Gump I’m not, but I’ve found my own way to do that which I love and wake up every day excited with that new adventure I’m about to experience.

Keep running strong and say yes to adventure!

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