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Why Join

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With so many clubs to join, the obvious question is what makes RVers Gotta Race and RV Pedal Power different from others. Well...let's consider some of the benefits:

  • No cost to join but event registration is your responsibility

  • Not a competitive race team

  • Open to those in RV community

  • All abilities are welcome

  • Enjoy comradery of other fitness enthusiasts

  • Make lifelong friends

  • Join a group of positive people

  • Experience epic events and locations

  • Find motivation, advice, and more

  • Event and campground discounts once club achieves respectable size

  • Private Facebook group at Trailblazers Meet-up Corner for rally updates

  • Join our fitness group on Strava for inspiration and encouragement

There are many groups within the RV community, but this is a different opportunity. We invite you to join us and let's have fun building a physically fit community. Even if you're unable to attend any of the meetups, you can find this community a source of support and encouragement.

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